UI for a mock time-bank

I have just completed the Udacity free courseware: Intro to the Design of Everyday things instructed by Don Norman. This course has been enlightening due to my relatively amateur exposure to User experience design. This is definitely an area of interest for me and I’m actually surprised the field has crossed by me sooner. I like to believe that I have a through understanding of 3D design and product development, but this course has affirmed that theory to be inaccurate. During the very first lesson videos of the course the instructor posed logical questions that speak to the usability of a product and its user interpretation.

I have learned in order to be a successful designer one must humanistically split themselves between manufacturability and usability. When I approach a product need (in my current experience sense) I reflect on vital driving concerns:

  1. Why is the product needed?
  2. How can I make the product safe & effective?

Up until now, those questions have served me well and have framed my design process. The information provided in the course allowed me explore another facet to my ‘design engineering’ methodology .

The photograph below is a wireframe sketch of the the course final project which describes the screen-usage of an application that acts as a time-bank, bartering service. In the upcoming future I plan on to go beyond paper and use a digital animation of  this project.


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