Hacking My Career

This is part of my blog-folio series and a focus towards programming + coding. I’m currently using my time to discover the facets of my knowledge base in computer science. I am essentially hacking my career and utilizing popular web resources to gain applicable experience (“the chops”). Next to creating 3D models in Solidworks, I have had one instance of feeling gratified about my work, and that is when I successfully complete Codecademy tutorials. Coding is rewarding and fun (& in demand). I also experienced this type of joy when I was tutoring engineering freshman in MatLAB and C++.  My undergraduate Engineering degree has equipped me with the know how and work ethic to complete this journey into a new career/technical speciality.

My Current Game Plan: I’m taking free courseware  from udacity, Intro to Computer Science and I plan to complete some individual courses from Georgia Tech/Udacity Masters Program in Computer Science ( …and maybe apply once I build a substantial CS background). I am also hoping to garnish some interests in my town to form a Code for America Brigade (I just found that one of my neighbors is the probate judge for the town); being more involved as a interested civic technologist is a dream of mine. And of course (the best way to get experience is…) I am starting a new venture as a Consultant for GestureCare – a unit of GestureKit by Roamtouch. I will be contributing my knowledge in medical devices and industry needs to asses the application development of the gesture control SDK. I will be still cracking away at the Codecademy lessons in Front-End Development (JavaScript, jquery, HTML, CSS) and learning other languages such as Python and Ruby. I am also learning UX/UI from Hack Design email-based lessons!

It it has been a whirlwind of events since my unplanned departure from my previous employment but I am very determined to hack my way to a new career that is both satisfying and worth my while.



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