Research: from motion tracking to gesture recognition

Currently, I’m exploring my interests within Computer Science and its applicability with the potential of graduate school. Having an engineering background has afforded me the opportunity to experience virtually all facets of STEM and I would like to continue that momentum in a research-based position to further grow. I have recently been involved with Gesture Recognition on my journey with gestureCare (gestureKit from RoamTouch) but I have come to realize that this is not actually my first taste of gesture-based software and in fact during my Undergrad career I have had many opportunities to research about motion detection software. I am reflecting back to those research opportunities and realizing the love I had for research methodology, software adaption and feasibility testing. I believe that this new venture for a career change is not very far from where I have been which is reassuring and gives me confidence that I can and will succeed.

Here are some examples of my previous research involvement:


Spring 2012 – Independent Study with the Univ. of Hartford Balance Control Laboratory, 2D Motion tracking software to interpret 3D planar motion on a rotating treadmill.

2012-04-12 09.12.32

Spring 2011 – Spring 2012 – Research Collaboration with the Univ. of Hartford Human Performance Laboratory, 1) Product research for tilt sensors and redesigning new electronic housing for sensors 2) measuring human gait to extrapolate algorithm data to construct a exoskeleton for a T4 paralyzed user. *a fellow research member is depicted anonymously



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