A Nation of Connected Wrists

The time of connected devices is a topic that is both present and future as the question of how far can technology be pushed, develops its own answers. Currently is the race between fitness trackers such as Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike Fuel band to provide the most user friendly mobile app and seamless integration into the users lifestyles which include running, biking and yoga.

The next iteration of connected device has been spilling over into the healthcare arena which stands to revolutionize home monitoring and healthcare costs. With rising costs innovators are working tirelessly to develop connect devices that monitor more than calories but truly give insight and power to the consumers about their vital stats. The proper integration and of these devices into the public will rest on its relationship with the FDA which is developing a game plan for mobile medical applications. Many companies are already taking the leap and ‘scrounging’ together engineers and scientists across the country to create these futuristic devices. Scanadu which crowd-funding their “Star Trek” like medical tricoder is expected to make a big splash on the market and early adopters will have the petite device in their hands (rather holding it to their temple) to produce meaningful vital signs once manufacturing issues get sorted out.

photo credit: http://fitnationxo.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/activity-monitor-review.jpg?w=470&h=264

I’m a user of a connected device  and  I enjoy the information that my Fitbit Flex provides me. The ability to quantify your efforts and in turn receive its output which is good health, endurance and stamina. I look forward to the adoption of a true medical device that can monitor vital signs but until then I will keep a close watch on these emerging technologies.

photo credit: http://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-set-up-your-fitbit-flex/

Although it is common to see an array of fitness monitors adorned on peoples wrists, either as a fashion additives or a true exploration into a quantified lifestyle, there are some device that are connected to our home instead of our wrists, known as the internet of things. Home monitoring is surging just as fast as the digital health revolution and in fact possibly more common place due high regulations that medical products receive. Knowing whether the coffee pot was turned off or  your blood oxygenation levels are the future of knowing.


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