Exploring the world of Bioinformatics

It’s been approximately 2 months since I have posted or reflected on wordpress about anything new. My latest adventures have led me to a new and exciting full time position at Covidien, Surgical Solutions Group; Soon to be Medtronic, but I will chat about that in another post in the upcoming months.

In a never ending endeavor for personal growth I have been enrolled in MOOC courses at various providers in the fields of computational programming, Design, and Bioinformatics. The latter subject has been the most recent focus of my research and has peaked my interest in the form of graduate school. I’ve had my head buried in signing up for journal publications, Bioinformatics.org membership, and requesting information from institutions such as John Hopkins, University of Maine, and NYU-ePoly. Bioinformatics seems to perfectly align with my interest in digital health, biometric sensors, medical imaging, and life science programming. It’s a revolutionary and growing field and offers a complementary focus to innovating medical products.

Amongst my search into Bioinformatics I’m discovering a niche community of computational biologist and data engineers who share a palpable excitement about their research and revelations. I recently was scouring the alumni magazine from the University of Hartford and it it was a voluminous section on “Cool Science” and in it was a spotlight on research by a professor in the health science college. This article highlighted the use of DNA Sequencing software to analyze draft revisions of President Eisenhower’s farewell speech. Applying Bioinformatics SW in a literature based context to understand thought structure. Absolutely Fascinating! In my four years as an undergraduate I had never explored bioinformatics as a research interest nor did I have knowledge of a Rehabilitation Computronics Laboratory where this research was being conducted on campus. I’m planning to reach out to the Professor to gather more information in this research. It’s never too late to explore a passion especially when it focuses on enhancing human health.

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