Data.Science <- me

What can I say about this exciting term which hinders on a backbone of Statistics and computational programming?! I’m simply in awe at the resources and capabilities of Data Scientists from shopping relevancy searches at etsy or creating cancer research tools (With Bioinformatics being a subset of the field, as I discussed in a previous post).

It has been stated that:

The best way to learn data science is to do data science.

To my excitement I have been doing data science for some time now, with out the flashy title of: “Data Scientist”. I have been involved in data mining/analysis large image-pixel datasets for a innovative hematology blood analyzer and currently at Covidien, I provide statistical data analysis of datasets to gain insight into product performance and design verification. So I guess if I were to categorize my experience thus far it would be as a hybridization as a Research Engineer and Data Scientist. My undergraduate degree has given me most of the necessary skills to think and approach problems as a data scientist in which I’m thankful for my inquisitive nature.

I haven been enrolled in Coursera specialization coursework taught by the Johns Hopkins University: Bloomberg School of Public Health. I have two words to describe my opinion of the coursework: challenging and stimulating. The courses are instructed by three biostatistics professors who are brilliant in their own right, but they have taken the time to create a balanced and engaging curriculum to arm its participants with the necessary tools in data science. I’m really enjoying the curriculum even thought I naively mis-judged my time table with work and my pre-grad school research project and enrolled on the signature track for the first four courses simultaneously. I’m looking forward to the remaining 5 courses and the capstone project.

Oh yes, not to jump over exciting news, I have taken the leap into data science by linking up with a professor from Eastern Connecticut State University to work on a pre-grad school open source project. I’m excited about this time and the skills I’m learning to provide a robust case for graduate school applications. My hope is to become a functioning member of the data science community with a formal education. One abstract of data science that I enjoy is the ability to create knowledge from data, and to provide answers to questions. I want to be on the forefront of technological innovations and being a data scientist puts me in that arena.

More posts to come!


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