Data Science Book Reviews

Hi Everyone,

In addition to my general research and efforts to become acclimated and familiar with the Data Science community, I have been reading several books to boost my comprehension. Here is my list and a short summary review:

Data Jujitsu by DJ Patil: This was a free (with providing your email) ebook from the fine folks at O-Reilly/Strata, spanning 20 or so pages filled with small anecdotes with the underlying tone of how to utilize data to its fullest. Patil shared lessons learned from his past ventures on imploring the “human workhorse” to do the jobs computers can’t. My impression was to don’t’ let the data present in front of you intimidate you, but re-position and find meaning in it. Use its its strength to provide insight about your targets. The concepts of Jujitsu promote for lack of a better analogy, the triumph of David over Goliath. I quite enjoyed this handbook and found the advice given to manageable and very applicable. It’s well worth the read.

How Data Science is Transforming Healthcare by Tim O’Rielly et al.: O’Reilly has done it again with another succinct look into the world of healthcare and how it can be improved and re-energized with modern data science applications to meet the 21st century demands of its users. Full disclosure, I read this at work in about 25 minutes and talked it up to my supervisor and we had a great discussion on the future of our company, its products and how can we best serve our customer and supply them with the knowledge to improve the lives of their patients.

Developing Analytic Talent: Becoming a Data Scientist by Vincent Granville: This book was also in the style of a handbook with chapters broken down into bite-size information nuggets for assisting in defining different types of data professionals, graduate education, free education resources along with highly technical examples and approaches to deriving insights from data. This book treats the development of a analytical skill set as a craftsmanship and a continuous learning endeavor. I zipped through this book in about a week, taking away a good understanding of what a data scientist and its role within an organization. This is a great starter book that I recommend.

I’m currently reading Data Smart: Using Data Science to transform information into insight by John Foreman so I’ll have another post reviewing that book – so far its great!




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